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(203) 266-6363


Best Lawn Care Service Around Woodbury, Middlebury, Watertown, Southbury & Around Connecticut

When you are ready to have a professional take care of your lawn, Brooks Landscaping LLC will tailor a lawn care service package perfect to you and your lawns needs. We are well-equipped to offer the highest-quality lawn services in Connecticut.

When you want your lawn looking healthy and green, without all the work, you want to have our experts handle your lawn! Our lawn care professionals are knowledgable and time-versitile to provide the best service in Woodbury, Middlebury, Watertown, Southbury CT and beyond. As your local lawn care provider, we aim to offer a quality of service that exceeds your expectations.

&#8226 Fertilizing
&#8226 Weed & Insect Control
&#8226 Organic Care Options
&#8226 Aeration & Overseeding
&#8226 De-Thatching
&#8226 Top Dressing with Compost

If you’re ready to hire a landscape maintenance company to care for your property, Brooks Landscaping LLC is ready to help. You can even get a free, instant quote for your lawn with us in only a few minutes!

Synthetic or Organic
Synthetic or Organic

Whether you are looking for a traditional or 100% chemical free option for your lawn, we offer both synthetic and organic lawn care services depending on your needs.

All Your Lawn Care Needs
All Your Lawn Care Needs

When taking care of your lawn, we have a wide variety of services to help you achieve the healthy, green lawn you want without all the time. We offer fertilizing, overseeding, aeration, and more!

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